Jul 122013

The trip from Palmyra to Pittsford was the same as always.  A duck, the odd waterfall and lots and lots of beautiful foliage all to enjoy at a whopping 8 knots.

Forgot to mention that we did get contact from Amy who has arrived in Amsterdam, Holland while we snoozed.  She is tired but her flight was good.  Apparently a bottle of maple syrup didn’t make it though.  Exploded in her luggage.  Bet she had the best smelling luggage ever.  Also received a call from Aunt Heather last night.  First time ever that there is wifi in Port Loring, Ontario at the rustic cottages we have gone to.  Watched Uncle Joe build the fire and heard all about how great the weather has been for them up there.  What would we do without technology these days?

Found my new favourite stop on the Erie Canal.  There are no showers in Pittsford but the town is still the nicest stop.  They have created a canal park directly at the terminal wall and added enough electric and water for about 8-10 boats.  This town has a downtown area with lots of fashion places.  Home grown artists that create everything from pottery to jewellery.  I even found my spinning shoes here at a reasonable price.  On the north shore there is still no power or water but the Sam Patch a local tourist boat is waiting for its patrons to take them for a spin on the canal and pass through a lock or two.  There are quaint artistry shops all placed in a sort of old town area just off the terminal wall.  A restaurant or two right there at the waters edge.  Great spot if you don’t need any supplies but if you do a walk of about 1.5 km will take you to a supermarket.

We happened to stop here on a Friday night where they have bands available for the town folk to enjoy.  Great 50’s and 60’s tunes with the seniors, kids and their parents all lined up in their lawn chairs.  Great band with a home town feel.  I couldn’t help but dance a bit on the boat while making our BBQ salmon dinner.

Aiden and Scott finally finished and succeeded running Aiden’s RC car.  The thing blasts at 50 km per hour.  Watch your toes when you see this thing go.  It wasn’t an easy build by no means.  This was a Christmas gift to Aiden and it has literally taken  3 times to get the thing to run correctly.  I guess that is what happens when you use some older components.  Now she is running smoothly.

Tomorrow we take off for Albion, maybe Holley.  We can’t decide how long a run we want to take on Sunday to get home.


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