Jan 102017

Waking up to a hot shower and prepared breakfast that is provided for marine guests here at The Moorings was a nice reprieve.  A few loopers arrived today from the various ports along the Panhandle.  Everyone is in the waiting period to cross The Gulf.  Weather looks like the best on Wednesday so I think that’s when we’ll go.  A few slower moving boats are looking at a crossing Wednesday to Thursday or Thursday to Friday.  It’s always a conversation here in Carrabelle.

We went into town today to pick up a new hose that froze along our route and had a bulge that would be nasty if it let go.  It was inside the boat where the connection was.  It’s not a far walk to the grocery store, post office, hardware store, restaurant.  Actually where we are on the east side of The Moorings I think its closer to those amenities than it is to the laundry, restrooms, breakfast and showers.  It is a brisk walk when its 28 F here in the morning.

Scott did some maintenance on the engines for the journey ahead of us.  Changing out the racors a bit earlier than needed but they should be good now for the remainder of the Florida portion as well as up the east coast a bit.  I’m sure there was more than that that he checked in the 2 plus hours he was in the engine compartment but I won’t bore with the details. I cleaned up the boat and checked for anything we might need.  I’m sure that once we hit Clearwater we will have most amenities available.  It’s just getting there.

We’ve been skyping and texting Aiden and his brother, Steve, back home.  It’s looking like about 10 cm of snow overnight.  A snow day may happen for them in Niagara tomorrow with forecasts of snow and freezing rain.

As we sit here looking out over the Carrabelle River it has calmed to glass.  The lights reflect off the no wind evening and almost full moon night.  The pelicans are back on their perches at the pillars near our bow.  It’s a beautiful night but cold.  The heat is still on in the boat and we’re supposed to be in Florida.  At least we are here and not in Niagara…….


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