Jan 112017

It’s a go. We are on for tomorrow morning to tackle the 175 miles to cross The Gulf to Clearwater FL. Engines are ready, We’ve battened down the hatches for the 2-4 footers expected. With a SE – SSE wind we should hit them somewhat on the bow. Reservations are made at the Clearwater Beach Marina. Us and Lady V are excited to move to the south.

Recapping today we did go for a walk into town for a couple groceries at the IGA. We made it to the Post Office not far from the marina. Carrabelle is host to the World’s smallest police station. It’s a phone booth, literally. There is also a fresh fish market up past the main street about 1/2 mile. We bought some freshly caught red snapper and another kind but we can’t remember the name. Looking forward to trying out a new recipe. We had dinner with Lady V at The Fisherman’s Wife Restaurant. Seafood is caught right in the bay with a daily catch of the day. Today it was catfish.

We wondered around for the afternoon and finally had the opportunity to take off the heavy clothes and be in Tshirts. That’s a first on this trip. Back at the boat we continued to watch the weather on about 4-6 different sites. It’s showing a decent ride for the day tomorrow. The trawlers left at about 4:40 pm today for the 20 hour trip across. Another 50 foot Carver came in from Clearwater stating not too bad seas. Now we are sitting again on the Carrabelle River with glass calm waters. A good sign for tomorrow morning. Scott went out to take some night shots of the area. There is so much beauty here on The Panhandle.

A question that is asked a lot is how do you live on a boat. Today being a down day I took some pics of the interior of the boat. It’s cramped and things have a place. All the cupboards are full of needed items and the rest has a spot on the floor. Tomorrow as we get ready for the waves there will be more items placed on the floor just so they don’t bounce around too much. We have about 200 square feet of living space and with 3 of us usually its comfortable. With Scott and I cruising for the first time without Aiden, it seems so big. Strange that we don’t have him asking for something to eat or us trying to think of something for him. We miss him already but know he is in good hands at home. We do miss Steve and Amy and the routine that comes with home. For now we will focus on getting us and Lady V across that big water………..

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