Mar 152017

We stopped at anchor spot #24 on the Active Captain app which is just after the Fort Pierce Marina at the 2nd causeway to the west of the ICW. It is located just before the Harbortown Marina. There isn’t much wind protection here but there is about 8 feet of water with a good hold on the anchor. It is a no wake zone as well. Not all Captains are adherent to the rules so you will get rocked by the occasional Captain that feels his time is more important than your comfort from his wake. It was the closest anchor to the Navy Seal Museum on the beach side. We took the dingy to the area closest to the Navy Museum and found that the docks were in so much need of repair that sections were taken out so that people didn’t use them. Also they had No Mooring signs on them. We found one area where a large drain pipe was coming out near one of the viewing docks and used that to tie up on, close to shore, and carefully slide on a 2×6 with our butts, or walking on it. It wasn’t a far butt scoot with only about 4 feet from shore. It was on Wildcat Cove. The viewing docks are being replaced one by one so that anyone coming in later in 2017 should have easy access. They are adding a low dock as well.
We made it to the Navy Seal Museum with an hour before closing. The outside exhibit was available so we did take in the Seal boats, the practice course with its high ropes, low ropes, rope swings and any other type of military obstacle course you might see on TV. Of course Scott had to try all of them. Aiden and I did the easy ones at a much slower pace. We decided we would come back tomorrow. The winds are very strong today so we knew the ride back to Conductance would be a long 20 minutes.
The temps are falling and the winds are strong. A NE to N wind causing the temps to fall to the 40”s overnight with a high of only about 62 degrees. It’s a chilly day in Florida but not the 18 inches of snow at home.
We’ll be taking in a movie tonight and preparing for our day tomorrow.

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