Mar 132017

Winds were to continue today with SE direction so the surf on the beach would prove to be a great day to body surf and boogie board. We decided to stay put one more night. The anchor is holding well with some shelter from this direction of wind. The spot doesn’t offer full protection however it is a good hold in mud. The proximity to the beach adds to the attraction.

We spent the day on the beach back and forth between the boat and beach. The surf was perfect for boogie boarding in the morning. We had to take a break from the boogie board to fill the tummy of a teenage boy. After lunch it was back at the beach for the afternoon. The surf wasn’t good anymore so body surfing became the passtime. It would have been chilly without the wetsuits. Glad we packed them. We walked on the beach for awhile as well. It’s so nice to be where the beach is not crowded knowing that very few folks ever get to this spot.

We took the dingy to Loblolly to check out their facility. Quite a nice marina with resort type atmosphere. No gas or diesel.

The winds were still quite strong but we were entertained by dolphins swimming by the shore.

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