Aug 092015

Sitting here on the wall of the Jerry F. Costello (formerly Kaskaskia Lock) lock we decide that we have to stay another day. It sounds like it would be a day off but it really is disappointing to not move. We have to move to keep the pace needed and weather is one thing that can and will stop you in your tracks. We watch a thunderstorm and heavy clouds pass to the north but nothing here. Thunder showers expected tonight but we’ll have to see what happens.

At the lock we are pleased to find power. 15 amp power just outside our door. Why were we not told? So this little lock that people pass by to put in 100 miles in one day sits here with everything you need, except water at your doorstep. But there is water available. No need to run the gen now. There is enough to charge the batteries and then later run a bit of air to beat this 95 degree temperature.

We spend the day on land taking the dingy to shore. We walk the Confluence Trail to the mouth of where the Mississippi River and Kaskaskia River meet. An outdoor classroom is there. It was under the water with the past floods so the sand is mucky and the muck is muckier. We watch Aiden play in the debris. Perhaps I should say I watch Scott and Aiden play in the mud. Food for though….Mississippi mud pie ice cream really does look like Mississippi mud. It whips like cream and the little oreo cookies that is put in the ice cream is a look alike for the chunks. The entire area has been under water for over a month so much of the vegetation has died. The grass is trying to start up again and the workers are trying to get the mud off the paved paths. They will get it all done just in time for the next year’s flood by the looks of it. We grabbed our hose and nozzle and headed over to the well. The pump there has a connection for a hose so we not only get cooled off but take a shower in our bathing suits. We really must look like hillbillies standing there in our suits, taking a shower and rinsing with a hose and nozzle. It was kind of fun. I’m sure the folk here are wondering about us Canadians. Remember we are still in conservation mode with water and diesel on the boat so taking a shower on the boat is out of the question.

We head back to the boat for dinner and a movie hoping that the predicted thunderstorms pass by.

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