Jun 202017

The winds were picking up this morning as we left. A light wind from the SW had been consistent all night. The anchor came up clean. It was a great night anchoring when the winds are calm on this lake. We head back through the Onondaga Lake to the channel to the Erie Canal and begin west again. We do encounter some interesting sights along the trek west. A couple of swans were preening themselves on a dock oblivious to us passing. A great photo op. Then a dilapidated boat that is still tied to its dock. Finally there is a tree full of hanging anchors. Love the creativity of this one.

We are stopping at Baldwinsville, NY today. The only lock we will do today is Lock 24 in Baldwinsville. There is a wall with electric and water on the west side of the lock for $5.00 for 30 amp and $10.00 for 50 amp. It is an on your honour system. There is a locked fee box with envelopes that you place your money into. The docks are floating wooden docks in great shape. Around the docks is a park like setting where pups can roam. A walking path is here as well.

After we dock we decide to head to the small town and get some bottled water from the pharmacy. There is a grocery store, Tops, further away and since we only need water, this is good for us. The little town has a barber shop and hair salon for the much needed trim. An ice cream place called Jessicakes has just opened up beside the lock on the east side. There are restaurants and bars on each side of the canal and dam area.

While we are walking we see an osprey grab her dinner out of the water. I didn’t know that they dive and fully go under to catch a fish. Scott caught it on his new camera. He’s loving its capabilities but criticizes his learning curve. Without a doubt he’ll get there. The flood gates are open on the dam due to all the rain and runoff that has the waters still high.
The hundreds of carp are trying to get back up the dam so we watch them jump up like salmon do. They won’t make it but they keep trying. There has to be several hundred right at the fall of the dam. They are massive as well at about 10-15 lbs.

We came back to wash the scum off the boat. First time since we can’t remember. I think we turned the canal darker.

We found out while on our walk that there is a free concert tonight directly across at the Budweiser Amplitheatre. The amplitheatre is a permanent bandshell on the area directly across from the city wall. It’s a top notch high school band playing tonight. They played a lot of radio music along with some oldies from the ‘70’s and ‘50’s. The band calls themselves “Plan B”. They are the only high school band to open for an NFL game. Well played young ones, well played.

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