Jan 012017

We started the day out waiting for a tow to get through the lock which got us going an hour later than we expected.  So we watched the tow go by and prepared the boat to lock through.  It wasn’t as cold a morning as we’ve had but with a bit of rain it seemed chilly.  We still wear our parkas.  No hats and mitts anymore!

Locking through by 8:00 AM the rain held off.  It was cold and the winds were non existent.  I forgot to mention that we had put in a bow thruster last year to make this trip through these locks and the next ones to come easier.  The thruster stopped working when on the 3rd lock a stick had become lodged and the shear pin broke.  No thruster till we get a new one.  So it is back to the skill of our Captain to keep the pressure off the lines as we lock.

We passed these beautiful white cliffs of the Town of Epes.  As you travel down the river that is low lying with trees and shrubs you will turn a corner and a massive cliff that is entirely white lines only one side of the river.  It’s stunning and so unexpected.

The Tenn-Tom river comes to a close for us today as we head into the Tombigbee River and Black Warrior River junction leaving the Tennessee River in our rear view mirror.  From this point the river is the TBBW and only 216 miles to go to Mobile and the coast.

Setting up in Demopolis Yacht Basin under a covered slip while the rain pounds on the roof is a welcome retreat.  We filled our diesel and was asked to settle into the Kingfisher Marina for the night.  The place has several boats not from here that have traveled from both the north and the south.  We met a couple from Toronto, Canada who are doing the loop in segments.  They have traveled the east coast to the Keys on past trips but decided to do the entire loop, “cause it’s there”.  I think we’ll be seeing more of Lady V as we are traveling to our destinations in the south.

Demopolis Yacht Basin offers one of the nicest laundry and restroom facilities we’ve seen.  It has an outdoor pool, restaurant, courtesy car for that quick trip into town to replenish supplies.  They are dredging the basin so it looks like they are expanding.  The marina offers a reprieve from the rustic marinas that have been the norm here in Mississippi and Alabama.

It’s New Year’s Eve and we know we won’t be ringing in the new year like most folks.  We decided to treat ourselves to pizza and board games.  Aiden fixed his light that fell off in his berth.  He also started to put together his RC plane.  So where do you put a 5 ft plane that has to travel home in a 200 sq ft space that homes 3 people.  You suspend it!!

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