Mar 142017

We have been having difficulty with electronics today. The new navigation electronics has been acting up and now it has lost most data. No explanation as to why. Then the app that we use to navigate and find anchor spots, Active Captain, stopped working claiming a network error. We did find it wasn’t working on anything but the laptop. Then the media player that we watch movies from stopped working. We decided it might be a good idea to head to a marina and find wifi to find out if updates are available and have a safe place to work on these problems. Scott fixed what he could on the navigation system however our Simrad has been flakey. Active Captain still isn’t working on our apps so we decided to use the laptop with the hotspot to our ipad. The media player was bogged down by too many pictures so we blew them away as they were saved elsewhere. So we are back in business. \

This marina is beautiful. There are 3 pools, hottub, laundry, breakfast, restaurant, restrooms, bike rentals, gorgeous manicured grounds and security. Diesel and gas is available as well. If you’re looking for a break from the boat lifestyle this is the place to be. The slips are all stern in with short docks and pillars to tie to. We went in bow first so that we had the dingy available.

We took the dingy to a dock that we found on Google Maps that is adjacent to the beach area. The area is called Jenson Beach where snorkeling is considered the best in the area. The area known as the “bathtub” where a reef keeps the area well sheltered. The waves break over the reef but it is a great spot to snorkel in about 5 feet of water. We spent the day at the beach enjoying the warm weather. There is a cold front coming in that will bring temps much cooler over the next few days.

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