Jul 272015

We took our time this morning to enjoy our tea and breakfast before heading onto our next stop.  Listening to the weather forecast with winds 5 knots out of the west was a pleasant welcoming first thing in the morning.  Scott plotted our path to our next destination where there seemed to be a lot of small islands but deep water.  We are a little shy these days about getting into small close quarters with these North Channel straits close to land.

With the sun shining and temps hovering around 33 C, that’s 90 or so for our neighbours to the south, we headed out of Humdrum, er Meldrum Bay, to Drummond Island.  Our first American stop on the journey thus far.  We cruised in Potaganissing Bay where there is a well marked channel with lots of shoals on the other sides of the markers.  Scott planned a surprise for Aiden showing him LaPointe Island.  Lots of pictures were taken.  It is a meandering cruise around several islands, some inhabited and some not.  Lots of fishermen out with all those shoals.  Rich, you would love all this fishing!

We need some supplies, a top up of fuel, laundry done and a good swim after the 1 hour cruise in this heat.  We stopped at Drummond Island Yacht Haven.  We are the small boat here.  Lots of 60 and 70 ftrs to drool over.  After gassing up and settling in our slip for the night we dropped Low Voltage and headed over to a small cove where the water was warm and we could swim awhile.  Scott and Aiden headed out on a hike on Harbor Island Wildlife Reserve to find thousands of frogs, monarch butterflies, black snakes and giant dandelions….and some crazy local folks.  Pellet gun in hand and the 12 year old girl jumping around in an infused stupor shooting at a black snake in the water, coming close to the dingy with shots and her own dogs. Parents didn’t seem to mind and seemed to enjoy the sight.  I managed to get the laundry done but no groceries here.  You can rent a car for $12.00 but we won’t need grocery supplies for a couple days so we passed.  The marina doesn’t even have simple supplies like bread and milk.

Getting back from the dingy cruise we had what remains of our “Fish Store” find from Little Current.  Salmon and rainbow trout were on the menu.  After spending so much time in the sun today we are all a little tired.  We did find out that we are on the fringe of the EST time zone.  So in a couple days we will lose an hour as we pass into CST.  We are going to enjoy this last bit of dusk at 9:30-10:00 even if it means we have to stay up to do so.

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