Jul 262015

Leaving Eagle Island we head over to a bay located on Manitoulin Island. Heading west and leaving picturesque areas of granite, rock and pines. Meldrum Bay is a larger bay on Manitoulin Island and can be a first Canadian stop for US boaters. Meldrum Bay is more like Humdrum Bay. There is a small marina with 4 100 ft docks and a restaurant. The liquor and grocery store is closed for good with the building up for sale. The marina does have both gas and diesel, laundry, a small essential amount of groceries, showers. So for a quick stop this is a good one for top up. We stopped here to get out of the SW and SE predicted winds today.

The boys jumped in the water with a more enthusiastic yell than normal. It was cold. The water here in North Channel is anything but warm but here it is chilly. I put on my wetsuit and then was proclaimed to be the wuss of the family. That’s okay I’m warmer than they are. We swam to a nearby dock where we spent about an hour warming up and trying to knock each other off.

We headed into town on the dingy and walked the 2 minutes that it took to walk the main street. Aiden was disappointed that the only treat available would be a freezie. There is a new breakwall for the marina that is called Breakwater Park. You can walk out on a rubble path to the end of the breakwall. Now that was all the excitement we could find in this sleepy town.

Back to the boat for dinner and a quick bevy to quench our thirst. Very poor cell service here and the only wifi is available at the restaurant that serves the lunch and dinner crowd with open hours during those times.

All around it was an uneventful drama free day. Sweet!

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