Jul 082015

Looking at the lift this morning was a sad moment.  We decided that with the damage to mainly the props, new props would be in order.  The props had to be ordered and would take a week to come in.  Scott had a look at them and thought perhaps a repair could be done.  The main guy says new props for sure.  So after looking into new ones for this beast it will be a week.  We are now on the hard and going home.

If you don’t take the bad with the good it is hard to know the good.  That is our motto today.  We are not loving the circumstances but given how many miles we have put on Conductance over the years this is our first mistake.  Our vacation plans are not ruined, nor are our plans derailed.  Our plans have merely changed.  In a boater’s life you can’t take your set plans too seriously.  A boater’s life is always in flux, not much different from our real life away from the boat.  So that being said, Conductance sits on the hard awaiting 2 new props with an engine that has slightly been moved.  A possible alignment is in order.  We won’t know if the new props will fix any additional damage that we can’t see until she is run in the open water.  We ordered the props from Florida and they are making their way north as we speak.  Conductance will have to sit on the hard for a week.

That being said we will be heading home.  Scott has been booked on a flight to head to work in the States.  He will work while we wait for the shipment of the props.  Aiden and I will head to home and spend some time with friends and family.  The way home isn’t an easy one though.  We looked into flights from Sudbury, buses and taxis.  Nothing available on the island or in Tobermory if we took the Chi-Cheemaun.  So we called Mom.  She is in Haliburton, a 5 hour drive away, with friends.  She is dropping everything to come get us, take us back there for the night to stay in the hotel, then we will all leave and head to the airport to take Scott.  Then  home.  Thanks Mom!

Sitting on the hard Scott says the he just can’t stand the waves!!!  You have to laugh in these situations.

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  1. Incredibly sorry to read this! At least nobody hurt, you weren’t adrift and you have a great attitude about it.

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