Jun 132017

Continuing our trek north along the Hudson River the Pallisaides are becoming less and replaced by small hills. The mountains remain in the distance for the majority of our journey but we will say goodbye to them today. They are stunning to cruise by with the similarity to the North Channel.

We will pass several lighthouse that lit the way for the sailors to find their way into the small tributaries that feed the Hudson River. Most are over 100 years old. Some are museums and some are being preserved with no ability to tour them.

There are more Looper boats now. A few fishing boats and local cruisers but mostly us travelers are making our way north to the Erie Canal. Most of these Loopers will continue north, half way through the Erie Canal, to the Oswego Canal. They will cross Lake Ontario and head toward the Trent Severn Waterway with the idea of getting to the North Channel by July and August.
We decide to stop at Shady Harbor Marina. A large number of Loopers are staying here. We thought it would be a good idea to meet up with some of them. We’ll do laundry, have a swim in the pool there, clean out the salt water. We have been in fresh water for a couple days now, since Moon Bay anchorage. Scott cleans out the engine compartment of the salt spray and washes the boat.

We pull up to the fuel dock at Shady Harbor and are greeted by 2 other Looper boats that knew us from the Great Loop Association website. They congratulated us on crossing our wake in New York. We meet at least 6 other Loopers.

We had docktails on their boat and answered some questions regarding the next leg of their journey to Canada. It was nice to stop where so many others are accomplishing the same journey with the apprehension and anticipation that we had when we were seeing things for the first time.

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