Jun 092015

So we thought we would pop on over to Beaver Island State Park and see our summer boat friends for the weekend. We stayed at “The Triangle” (Strawberry Island, Grand Island and Motor Island- a spot where boats anchor on the hook with little to no current on the upper Niagara River) and made our way in “Low Voltage” to Beaver. After spending the day visiting our friends we took a spot on the transient dock for the night. Had our campfire at night and great times with friends. Enjoyed a game of cornhole made by a friend and the kids at the marina. Always good times. Check out is 11 and managed to push it to 12 to head back to Tonawanda. Lots of traffic on the water today. I think it must have been the first real weekend for most boaters. North Tonawanda had its “Taste of Tonawanda” truck foods today. The canal was super busy as well. Weather held out with temps in the 80’s instead of the rain predicted.

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