Jun 302015

Again we decided to leave early with hopes for a calm water on Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron.  Lake St. Clair was uneventful while we past some prestigious houses on the USA side.  We were lucky enough to pass the tall ships, Pinta and Nina on our way.  The Bluewater Bridge linking Sarnia, ON and Port Huron, MI looks massive from the water.  Lots of coal power plants line the water’s edge on both sides of the border in this area.

Upon entering Huron the waters calmed to less than a ripple.  That stayed with us all the way to Kincardine.  At first we thought we would stop south at Goderich, but with the water playing nice we decided to push to make tomorrow’s trip a bit shorter.  However, the fog or should I say the sheet.  There was visibility of about 50 metres so the radar when on.  There really isn’t much worse than staring at a white screen waiting for something to jump out.

When we were out at 20 km from Kincardine the boat started to list to the starboard side.  Then the auto pilot decided to continue to make right hand turns.  Scott eventually figured that something must have been caught on the trim tabs because once we slowed she righted herself.  The auto pilot took some figuring out.  Scott mentioned that the compass for the auto was behind the glove box.  I pulled everything out and discovered a strong magnet inside.  We figured that when Scott went in the glovebox to get his ear plugs he must have shifted the magnet and threw off the auto.  It hasn’t been completely tested yet but tomorrow on our way to Toby we’ll be testing that theory.

In Kincardine Marina we did fuel up with diesel and got a slip for the night.  Pouring down rain came just as we were hooking up power.  Good timing!  We thought that we would make the best of it and grab our rain gear and head into town.  The downtown is bustling with restaurants, pharmacy, corner store and just about everything else.  I should have had my nails done!!  A little dinner at Bruce’s Steak House and, of course, the required ice cream at the creamery, we headed back to the boat taking pictures along the way.  It had stopped raining.

Looking at the weather for the next few days shows sun and temps in the low 20s C.  That’s 70ish F for our USA friends.  Tomorrow is Canada Day and we are expecting a big show in the Town of Tobermory!  Bring it!

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