Aug 112015

We are up and out just as dawn rises. We are ready to travel the 100 miles to get to an anchor spot called Angelo’s Towhead. As we leave the confluence of the Kaskaskia River and the Mississippi River a couple huge asian carps jump. One made it into the boat. Scott was at the helm and I was on the bow getting prepared to leave. Aiden was sleeping and missed it all. This fish was flopping around the back of the boat but in the seat areas. Blood and fish goo everywhere. Scott pushed it out of the boat. I had to clean up but the boat will smell like fish until I can clean it properly. We are on water rations so cleaning it up must be quick and use limited water. It’s gross to say the least.

As we continue upstream we realize that since we have been on the lock wall the river has receded. I’d say a couple feet lower. We can at least see the tops of the wingdams now. We are down a mile per hour on our current push so that will not only add to gas consumption but also time. We have also found a couple stowaways too. Tree frogs! We have to get them off before we stop or they will simply climb back on. I have been using one of the zapper fly swatters to kill spiders. Works fantastic! Every boat should have one just for this purpose.

During the morning we see 3 deer crossing but they turned back being a bit freaked out by the boat. We tried to let them go in front but they turned back instead. So we watched them climb to the side they started on and move on.

Winds are calm and the sun is hot. It’s going to be tough to stay cool today. We made it to Angelo’s Towhead by 3:00. A good 9 ½ hour day behind us. The cove to anchor is quite deep at 40 feet. You have to head in to about 20 feet to drop the anchor. Not much wake protection but a bit less current here. Too strong to take Low Voltage down though. We decide our route for tomorrow, have dinner and teach Aiden poker. He catches on quickly and beats us several times. Bed early to start another 9 hour day.

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