Jun 242017

We only plan on traveling 6 miles today. We’re headed to Pittsford, NY on the wall. The sun is shining but rain is expected much later today. It’s a nice ride as we pass many rowing sculls practicing or learning to scull. Some fishermen are out this morning too.

We pass Bushnell’s Basin. We’ve always said we should stop here instead of Fairport but forget about this tiny gem that sits near a small town with restrooms, showers and restaurant nearby. The town is a short walk. We pass some rental boats that are available at a local marina to rent by the 3 – 4 day or weekly basis. No better way to see the history of this area and the small towns that were created due to the canal.

Pittsford, NY is an inviting town. Everything is very close. There are boutiques available directly at the water’s edge and city dock. It’s a free dock for 2 weeks at a time. Water and power are available. The setting is a park like setting on the south wall and a more busy town atmosphere on the north wall. The south has the power and water but nothing on the north side. There is a bike path that runs along the towpath of the old canal. It’s a great spot to jog, hike or bike ride. The old lock 62 has been refurbished. You can walk the 2 mile hike or take the bike for a beautiful ride along the canal. They cleaned out the canal bottom with hopes that a creek would fill it but the creek doesn’t have enough water to fill the area right now. Wildlife is everywhere along this area.

There are restaurants, ice cream shop (the best organic to be found), liquor and wine store and those boutiques I mentioned. There is a bike place as well where you can fix your bike up nicely or rent one for the path.

We’ll be heading to Apt Sea II’s place tonight. We haven’t seen them since our first time down the canal when we bought the boat. Rich and Lisa have asked us over for dinner. I hear that Mark is in town as well. We traveled with Apt Sea II with 3 brothers and a friend mechanic. We spent long 10 hour days in 90 degree heat traversing locks on our first voyages in our new to us boats and, as it turns out, made a friendship that withstands the distance and time between us. Scott learned about what a “smoker” can do for a beef dinner. I think I know my Christmas present already. Rich and Lisa made the best brisket we’ve ever tasted. We had lots of reminiscing and found out some new facts about both those trips down the Erie Canal all those years ago. Thanks so much for your generous hospitality and friendship. We really appreciated being included in your biannually family day.

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