Dec 282016

Leaving the amazing Clarksville Marina early this morning wasn’t too bad with the sun shining and temps in the 40’s. Every book will say that there is no marina at Clarksville. It is so new and offers the transient boater lots of amenities. Don’t miss this beautiful city as you make your way to Nashville.

We passed several barges on the sides of the river receiving their bounty. From sand, grain, coal, scrap metal and the odd combustible barges were being filled on the shores. We passed a ferry that catered to the motorist wanting to pass over The Cumberland. Fort Donelson with its canons facing west at the ready for The Union and Confederate battle that took place at the civil war are seen easily by any passing boat. The migrating egrets that were stationed on sandbars by the thousands were a gorgeous site on a sunny day.

On the shore is the maximum security state penitentiary that houses Kentucky’s worst criminals. It still uses the electric chair. The prison was constructed in the 1800’s and looks more like a castle than it does a prison.

Cruising along the river we eventually get to Barkley Lake where it widens into open spaces with several spots to anchor. We are headed to Green Turtle Bay Marina but not before we pass several fisherman in their camo boats and decoys by the hundreds. This is serious duck hunting grounds. The odd tree stands at full attention on a sand bar in the middle of no where.

Upon reaching GTB Marina we diesel up and find our slip in #5. I start laundry and the boys head off for a hike. Domestic chores have to be done so vacuuming is a must too. The boys come back excited about seeing 7 deer or reindeer. They had long tails. There is a feeder that sprays feed at exactly 7:00 AM so the deer come around at various times just to find the odd dropping from the mornings feast.

We do take a swim in the indoor pool area where Aiden tries out his new face mask, snorkel and fins. Perfect fit. Thanks Aunt Heather and Uncle Joe. we have keys to the courtesy jeep and need a few groceries. Also we’re off to see the city of Grand River and its Christmas Lights at Patti’s Restaurant where they do a million light display until January. I’m sure we’ll have pics for tomorrow’s post.

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