Jul 252012

Beautiful…..that is the only way to describe this area.  We are in Canadian  Shield territory with its rock formations, open waters and blue skies,  It’s like being  in Muskoka.  This is cottage country for sure.

We made good time and did 10  locks.  We are nestled in at the top of the lock in Jones Falls waiting for the first  lock through tomorrow morning.  Quiet here with just a few boats and  set between cliffs.  Too bad for predicted rain because the stars would be glorious tonight.

Aiden went fishing, swimming and hiking already.  This area is rich in the history of the Rideau with lock master houses, blacksmith shop and settler areas.  I even had a cast or two.  The fish here are very social.  When swimming they will come up to you and watch.  I don’t mean just a few either.  There are hundreds that are curious and come to watch you.  You can  hand feed them.  They are just rock bass, but still a cute treat.

We are having an issue with one of the toilets so we are hoping to head to Kingston to get parts.  Scott is not looking forward to this repair.  In the past he said that this would be one job he would hire out for but that is not an option at this point.  So he is hoping it is the easier repair that he thinks will fix the flush problem.  You know what they say….      It happens.


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