Jan 032017

We woke up this morning and tried to get cell service and internet. Both were not available. The marine radio called for thunderstorms, severe at times, so we decided to push forth to Mobile. Our first stop was Coffeeville lock where we traversed through quickly. No rain and little fog. The problem was that the amount of rain from yesterday over 3 inches has created the smaller creeks to swell and the river to swell. That causes a huge amount of debris in the water. Trees, logs, and water hyacinths everywhere. The fog was still there but not as bad as yesterday. We were able to move but it was slow with the debris. That went on for over 50 miles of debris and slow moving. I told Scott that I felt like the frogger game of yesteryear.
Finally we get cell services. It was overcast all day with spatters of rain. When I look at the radar I realize we have traveled out on a day we probably should not have. The yellows and greens of radar have a luminous glow of red and purple. I let Scott know we are in for some weather and Lady V is aware now too. Glad we are traveling together. We devise a probable anchor spot and hope that we make it to that spot. You can’t just drop anchor here in the inner rivers due to the tows and barges. Next thing that starts up is the weather station on the marine radio that tells us that we are in a tornado warning, not a watch, but a warning. For the next hour we are told to take cover in a lower level of our dwelling away from windows. Mmmmm, what do you do in a boat?

I’m watching the radar, skyping my family to let them know where we are and letting them know our plans. We are continuing to hear on the marine radio to watch for debris flying through the sky, including trees and other debris. We decide that if the weather turns that bad we are dropping anchor where we are and waiting it out down below. We did put on our life jackets some time ago. We see beautiful lightning and loud thunder which indicates the storm is close. As I watch the radar I see some breaks and let Scott know to get going when we can. The good thing at this point is that we are ahead of the debris so we can go 28 mph. As I watch the port side for debris and Scott watches the right and keeps his eye on everything else needed to get through this rain the storm rages on. It’s a battle between losing the cell service to keep up on weather and finding out where exactly we are for the tornado warnings and watching for logs and trees.

Sorry folks not many photos today. This was a tough long day. We went through fog, debris, tornado warnings with take cover now blaring out the radio, incessant rain at times a hard rain, and watching the radar with luminous reds and purples everywhere. We made it into Mobile, Alabama, through the shipping yard (which would have been so great to see), down through Mobile Bay where we have to go south passed our marina to find the channel into the marina and then back north to get into Dog River to Grand Mariner Marina. Dog River Marina is just across the river for those that need that info. That wouldn’t have been bad if we weren’t rocking about with lightening, thunder and darkness to the southwest. A hug storm was coming and we had to be docked before this one hit. It would be a bad one. I added a screen shot from the Ipad. There is a lot more yellow than earlier today. the red and purples were everywhere.

So here we are at Grand Mariner with Lady V. We haven’t talked much with them due to the insane rain, wind, thunder and lightning. I think we are all decompressing over this day.

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