Jul 312015

The weatherman was not wrong.  Huge winds and a small craft advisory on the lake caused us to rethink going out on 7 foot wave heights.  We listened to the weather for several hours until we made the decision that another night here on the hook in Lake Charlevois was imminent.  Making the best of the waves we headed out to the beach were Scott and Aiden made their first ever swim in Lake Michigan.  It was so windy that we were being sandblasted on the beach.  It was a short visit.  Heading back to the shelter of the town we decided to pick up some grocery items and water.  Heading back to the boat snuggled into the corner of Lake Charlevois the winds were still howling.

I made some dinner but by the time I was done the winds calmed and Scott made use of the time listening to the weatherman.  7 knot winds currently out on Lake Michigan.  Looking at our watch it was far too late to make a dash to Leland, MI so now we wait until tomorrow to head out.  Our plan is to go south where the lake narrows then head west.  So a very early morning awaits us as we plan to get up at dawn to get prepared to cross Lake Michigan where the winds for the rest of the week are expected to be westerly.

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