Aug 092014

Aug 9, 2014 Cleveland – Kelley’s Island
Heading out early to Kelley’s Island. We made reservations for Portside Marina. There were only a couple places on Kelley’s that could accommodate our size even though there are several marinas listed. The lake was breezy but the waves were okay. Only about one metre or so with a NE heading. We got to Portside at around 11:30. There were a bunch of boats already waiting for slip assignment and the harbourmaster was ready for us but we had to wait until the others were assigned. Tough in those winds. This marina has a fixed wall facing east and a floating dock beside that. It accommodates the large boats side by side along a long channel with stern in. Captain was a bit nerved at this with those NE winds wanting to push out the bow. He got in without trouble, then had a beer. We had a quick lunch then headed out on a 4 hour bike ride around the island. They rent golf carts a plenty here so dodging golf carts, cars, bicycles and pedestrians downtown was crazy. Once out all was good. Beautiful warm afternoon riding we saw glacial grooves formed during the glacial age, a secluded beach along a hiking trail, and lots of tourists. Those golf carts are everywhere. We think the bike ride was the way to go.


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Aug 082014

Aug 8, 2014 Erie – Cleveland OH
So we plan a route to Cleveland. The lake was calm and we left early. A beautiful day on the water dodging sailboats and fishing boats. We’ve never seen so many. Making our way to Cleveland which is about a 3 ½ hour travel time for us, we start to plan our island hopping. Discussing which islands, how long and of course there is that Cedar Point day that is an absolute. Getting into Cleveland there is an outer harbour and inner harbour layout against the swells of the Lake. However, upon needing diesel and a NE wind, tie up for said diesel took manoeuvring. Captain Scott is amazing even in bad winds and no bow thruster. It did take about 4 tries to get in but he did it and we had our slip assignment. We stayed at Lakeside but have since heard about a city marina beside the Science Centre downtown. I think we’ll be stopping there on our way back. Kids have needs too, apparently. Lakeside is a nice marina with a small pool, restaurant and bar. There is a small area to shoot hoops and a small climber for the little ones. Not near anything for supplies or attractions though.

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Aug 072014

Thursday August 7, 2014 Beaver Island to Erie, PA
So we are off. I received the call to get ready to take the vacation down Lake Erie. We haven’t planned out the details of the trip but we have been this route before. I really want to stop in Erie at Presque Isle and stay on the hook. Crossing fingers the Captain is “on board” with this idea. As we head out down the Niagara River towards Buffalo, stop for a quick diesel fill up and weather is on our side. Unfortunately it is a northeast wind, which is not normal. The waves and chop will be a bit higher than usual. But we are leaving early for calmer lake travel. Yes, the Captain agrees that Erie will be a great stop.

We pull into Presque Isle Bay and drop anchor. The winds were good but building. That’s okay. They won’t affect us. This bay is sheltered on all sides and its a warm one too. We decide to play and swim for a couple hours. Then take “Low Voltage” out for a tour. What a gorgeous afternoon. Skipping stones, swimming, just enjoying the calm and view. As I start to make dinner and turn on the Generator, she quits. Fault. Scott knows what it is and has a spare part. Impeller is replaced but really, did Scott need this on our first day out? If you followed our blog from a couple years ago you might remember that Erie is the place that he had to take a look at the sensor that we replaced in Sandusky. The part turned out to be a bad part so we limped home from Erie back then. Again, the gen impeller goes in Erie. I’m beginning to wonder about our luck here!!! OMG and the mosquitos at dusk. We had to go inside.

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Jul 042014

Wear Red …..and then wear Red, white and blue. Those two holidays blend into each other while living so close to the border. Scott took some fellas out on the boat for an evening cruise. From Tonawanda Gateway Park to Canalside, Buffalo and then along Black Rock Lock they cruised through a good wind of 30 km/hr. At Canalside they had a great dinner and headed back to Tonawanda for the weekly evening band.

On July 3rd, we took out our friends from squash, Matt, Lesley and family. It was quite cool and rainy. The sun made a few appearances but it was still sweaters to watch the sunset fall over the brim of Niagara Falls. We traveled around Navy Island and saw a deer drinking along the shore. Dinner was a BBQ which the kids thought was something just to have that on board a boat. Great memories made!

We stayed the weekend in Chippawa at the Greater Niagara Boat Club. A cute, quiet little place with a bar style food choice and beer aplenty. Canadian, eh! Since we were so close to home we also managed to head there to get some well needed yard work done.

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Jun 012014

When we decided to take out a seasonal slip we wondered if we would ever stay in one place. Well for the month of June that became the norm. Scott decided to install a davit system with a tender. Purchasing the davit from a company in New Jersey, they stated that it was to be a perfect fit and easily installed on our specific boat. The other boaters from Sea Ray said that the company was reputable. We ordered the davit system in February in hopes that it would be here in May so that Scott could install the new bling to the swim platform. As it turns out, it was late and it arrived in June. Upon looking at the pieces sent Scott quickly realized that it was no way a “perfect fit” for our boat. That began with countless hours on his part to re-engineer the entire system. Thank goodness for friends that lived on the island. Scott couldn’t have done the cutting and welding of the stainless brackets without Warren’s help and tools. The entire project spanned over two full, hard work weekends while at Beaver Island. He didn’t stop until it was done. Scott had called the company and asked what they had done to be told that they were not sure of measurements, so they “winged it”. How you “wing” something like this is beyond me. They even had the gumption to ask that once he had all the measurements and figures and had it in place if he would mind sending those figures to them. All this for a “perfect fit”.

The best part about staying here are all the kids. Aiden had so many to play with dawn till after campfire. Rarely saw him the entire days there.


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May 252014

After her launch from Smith Boys on Tonawanda Island we decided to stop overnight at Tonawanda Gateway Park to get supplies. Groceries and some incidentals, like beer. You know us Canadians and our beer!! It was a cold one for sure. Had the heat on.

On Saturday we headed over to Beaver Island Marina for the weekend. Conductance started up no problem. Love her mechanic/Captain. He always knows what she needs to keep her going after 6 months in storage. We found out that our favourite spot in the marina at Beaver Island had been taken by a seasonal occupant. Darn. We managed to find a small dock with a centre post between slips that we could tie off. So once that was figured out we were all set. Aiden was happy to see all his friends from the Island and made a couple new ones. Young fellas about his age. The rest are all girls so this is a treat. We spent the weekend recounting all our winter stories about blizzards, work, family, life with our ole friends and the kids spent their time catching millions of minnows. Some sun even made an appearance. Love the campfires that we have here. It’s the only place around this area on the Upper Niagara River that you can have campfires, every night if you want. It was this weekend that we decided to take out a seasonal slip here. We won’t be here full time but at least we will have a home.

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May 222014

After a winter like that one I started to wonder if we would ever be on the boat again. The ice just left the river about 2 weeks ago with a few straggler left from Lake Erie thawing. We missed Victoria Day cause we were not in yet so Memorial Day here we come. Our plan is to stop over at Tonawanda Gateway Park then head over to Beaver Island State Park marina on Grand Island.

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