Mar 212017

We leisurely started our day as this is our last day on vacation.  Our day would consist of packing, cleaning, and prepping for the day when we would start again.  Leaving the lock after pulling anchor in quiet calm waters and barely any breeze we head west down the Cape Canaveral Barge Canal toward the ICW.  Diesel is available at Harbortown Marina on the canal and we need to top up and drop off garbage.  Scott deicdes to run a video on the go pro for the trip.  The video consists of pulling up anchor, heading west on the canal, stopping at Harbortown Marina and then pulling out to head west on the canal again to the ICW where we will head south toward Cocoa Village Marina.  This trip would be one of the calmest in winds we have encountered this trip.

At the marina, where Conductance will call home, we set the lines for no tidal waters but waves from winds and big wakes from passing boats on the ICW that do not slow for marinas.  Then the cleaning of the interior, laundry, washing the entire hull, rinsing the gas motor on the dingy, Low Voltage, rinsing the A/C units and engines from the salt water, and deep clean after 10 days of being together.

Cocoa Village Marina is a great marina that offers transient slips, security, restrooms, 24 hour laundry, showers and a short walk to the village.  It is a tight turn around so if you are planning on going here be sure it is a calm day and you have help from staff getting in.  Grocery is over 1 mile away.  The hardware store is across the street.  The boys found out that there is a homemade ice cream shop nearby that Obama and his family have been to.  Apparently there is a Youtube vid as well.  

It’s a long day of prepping and getting set to leave at 5:00 AM to make our flight home.

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