Jan 082017

We are very shaken up after last night as the wind howled and gale winds were reported in the area.  Both Scott and I woke up around 3:00 AM to check lines and fenders as the wind hit the stern from the north.  Aiden of course, slept through it all.  Today the sun is out but the winds have not let up.  The lines to keep Conductance secure are working hard with gusts reported over 30 mph.  The temps are low in the 40’s.  We have our portable heaters going as well as the internal heaters.  With the back in canvas its a battle that just keeps us warm enough to not be cold.  At least we can use the back space instead of being stuck in the cave.

We went for a brisk walk into town with our parkas on, hoods on and hands in pockets.  Instead of the requirement of the ice cream stop today it was hot chocolate and tea.  Apalachicola is such a cute town.  I think it is better than Panama City.  More to offer for the tourist, a little rustic and lots of history.  The boys tried to fix our “Bruce the Beaver” who lost his lantern and wires breaking.  A little solder and heat shink and its off to the store to find the appropriate rechargeable battery.  We came back empty handed.  Every battery could be found except the standard one we needed.  So Bruce has to wait to see if the fix worked.  Aiden and his work buddy are working on their school presentation to be delivered on Monday.  It’s all being done by wifi, facetime, and imessage.  Good job boys.  Scott is working on some fine tuning for the new electronics that he installed.  Some communication is not being delivered to the screen so he’s looking up info for the debug.  He never stops working.

Lady V passed us today on her way to Carabelle.  Have a very tall bevy.  You deserve it after that journey.

The weather folks are saying that the window for crossing on Tuesday is not looking good.  Hopefully it will be Wednesday but there have been reports that the weekend may be the next opportunity.  It isn’t unusual to have to wait to cross.  It’s approximately 184 miles to the Clearwater area which means about 7 -7.5 hours at 25-28 mph.  It’s a longer haul for those tht only travel about 7-9 mph which a lot of loopers actually go at top speed.

We’ve booked a flight for Aiden to leave in the morning to go home.  We’ll drop him off at the gate (one of us can go in to the gate waiting area to hand him off to the flight attendant), then he’ll go to his connector flight where he’ll be met by a representative from the airline to make sure he gets to his connector where they will hand him off again.  My mom will pick him directly up from the gate in Buffalo from the attendants there.  I told him that he is getting the celebrity treatment with all the attention he is going to get while he travels.  Aiden and his entourtage, we’ll never hear the end of it!

It looks like we are going to be shaken for at least the next 24-48 hours.  This cold front coming through is not a fast mover.  At least we are snug at a marina instead of anchored out or traveling.  Our next leg to Carabelle may not be for a bit if the winds stay at 25 mph as predicted.





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