May 182011

With only a few days to go before we head out, we have had quite the week.  Our 11 year old Lab/Shepard passed away, the marina called to let us know they want us out a week earlier, business is busy and the canal is still closed with possibility of it not opening until mid June.  Now, we just have to figure out all the logistics of the trip. 

So I booked a one way car instead of a plane leaving 6 days earlier and said goodbye to our flight reservations on the original date.  The marina is okay with us arriving early to get the boat in the water which has a scheduled date and time.  Driving to Quincy a day early is okay however not looking forward to the 8 hour drive.  The last minute preparations are in flux and dynamic due to the schedule change but we’ll roll with it.  Our beloved dog, Raley, and grieving him is still present but everyone is doing okay.  Time and memories will heal the hurt. 

If the canal doesn’t open in time we’ll have to find a slip for the boat to stay in, come home, and go back to finish our journey.  Waves on the ocean are around 5 feet so hopefully we will have some non rainy, calmer days to make the 3 day trek down the coast from Quincy to New York City.  So looking forward to the day we get inland and pass the Statue of Liberty.  Watch for pics!!

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