May 312017

We’ve had too much fun here in Norfolk.  The alarm didn’t wake us this morning so by the time we were up and out it was after 10.  Passing through the Port of Norfolk is no small task.  We take it slow not knowing if there is a no wake zone.  It’s 20 miles from the marina to the Chesapeake Bay.  So many military ships along this portion of the Port.  Destroyers, Battleships and 4 aircraft carriers.  The enormity of the ships is lost on the size of the Port.  In the pics try to find a familiar landmark like a truck, car or whatever you see so that you can see the enormous size of these mighty ships. 

This is a military naval port along with expansive dry docks.  There are retro fits of the old ships taking on new life with new technology.  Grey and massive they tower over the blue waters and sky.  Four aircraft carriers are in their slumber as they too await the new technological advances for them to come alive again.  Impressive in their size and seeing 4 together is understated in the pictures.  Guarded by the Coast Guard boats they are never alone. 

Coming out onto the Chesapeake Bay we can see the bridge in the foggy distance.  No pics due to the fog and distance.  We start to head northwest along the Bay.  We have decided to head to Crisfield, Maryland.  A small, quaint fishing town. 

As we head north on calm seas we pass several large ocean bearing ships.  The channel is for set for them at 50 feet deep but the entire Bay is no less than 25 feet. The winds were predicted for 5 knots today but a quick storm came up to the northwest that brought in a bit of winds.  The bay went from dead calm to 2 footers which were easily handled.  We bounced a bit and I made a quick cold hamburger for Scott and PB and honey for me. 

We headed to Tangiers Island on the way toward Crisfield.  E thought of staying here instead of Crisfield but there was no diesel so we pressed on.  Upon entering the harbour we see that there is a new marina starting to take shape.  It’s a big one with probably 300 slips, a pool, clubhouse/lounge.  It’s going to be a beautiful marina. 

We are slated to stay on the hook in the harbour in front of the boat ramp on one side, with the Coast Guard and The Crabhouse across the harbour.  We stop at Sumers Cove Marina for some expensive diesel and then find our anchor spot. 

Crisfield MA is known as the crab capital of the world.  Back in the ‘20’s this area was the 2nd largest city in Maryland because of its shipping of crab.  We decide that after settling in, since neither of us has tried crab before, that this is the place to do so.  There was a small dingy ride to the Crabhouse and then a walk around a very quiet town.  A couple room museum, a renowned crabcakes place, the Crabhouse is known for its steamed crabs so that’s where we go.  Along with a couple beers we try our hand at shelling crab with the help of our server.  Neither of us are impressed but we do finish the steamed crabs, soup and crabcakes. 

Tonight we will be preparing for tomorrow as we go to Solomon’s Island. 

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