Jan 022017

Rain and fog. Lots of fog. We started the day out traveling with Lady V who is also heading to the Gulf. The Demopolis Lock was uneventful. It had rained but the winds again are on our side. As we dawn our locking attire it is the first time that the parka is not a necessity. Sitting in only our rain gear going through the lock was easy.

After that the weather changed and we encountered fog. Dense and foreboding fog. The BWTB river is a meandering river with large bends. At one point you are heading south and with the next bend you are heading north and then the next bend its south again. It is fairly wide but with those bends comes shoaling on the inner portion of the bend making it narrower to go around. With that fog we were down to a crawl speed and watching the AIS for oncoming barges. AIS is an indicator on our electronics that allows us to see other boats and barges that have a transmitter. We only have a receiver so we can see them but they can’t see us. I think that will change in the near future. It was nice that Lady V has a transmitter so that at least the barges know there is a boat there.

The fog didn’t let up for over 50 miles so the driving day was longer than hoped. After we made it through the fog we had open cruising, passing at least 6 tows and barges. Aiden has a favourite tow named Sea Lion with its load of electrical stuff (technical term) where the Sea Lion is pushing and the Sea Bull is pulling. So these 2 tows work together to navigate the rivers several barges attached. We’ve also passed them 3 times. We were thinking we would get to “Bobby’s Fish Camp” and settle in around 11. It was after 1:00.

I’ve talked about sizes of tows and barges. I took a picture of our friends in the 48 foot Searay with a bridge beside the tow and just 4 barges. Lady V is not a small vessel. Note the size difference. We’ve passed tows with over 45 barges. Amazing!

The plane that Aiden built is now complete. Waiting for a fair weather day to go fly!

Here at “Fish Camp” there are restrooms and showers along with a restaurant. The restaurant welcomes locals today on New Year’s Day and open til 6:00. We may mosey on in for some grub later. We are settled in on a 150 foot dock along with Lady V hooked up and listening to the rain. It’s great not having on our parkas anymore

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