Jun 292015

After yesterday’s bouncing around on the lake we decided to leave early to beat the changing winds that were expected to be SW which would be the worst for us going west. Traveling past Pelee Point and Pelee Island, the southern most tip of Canada we noticed more shipping activity. Lakers coming out of the Detroit River passing us. There was one from St. Catharines so, of course, we had to take a picture. A little bit of home. Lake Erie played nice today but only due to us leaving early.

Upon getting into the Detroit River we decided to drop anchor and have a hot BBQ lunch. Beautiful homes are located along both sides of Canada and the USA. The waters here have a turquoise colour leaving us to think of the Caribbean. We made the decision to stay on the Canadian side but first we cruised between Windsor and Detroit. Two beautiful waterfront cities. No docking on either side while in the city so we passed by with the camera and memories. Detroit starts with its massive steel mills, while Windsor has virgin forests. Such a polar opposite.

Heading passed Belle Isle, an American island that has been made into a walking path park and Peche Island the Canadian Island still prestine in its forests. We are staying at the Lakeview Park Marina just opposite Peche Island. Nice marina, with laundry, showers, all amenities except walking to downtown. You would need a car or taxi. Tight squeeze for Scott when coming in due to winds of Lake St. Clair which is visible over the breakwater.

After hooking up Conductance we took Low Voltage out for a spin and a hike on Peche Island. This is the old Hiram Walker Estate. You know, Canadian Club whiskey tycoon. He had his home on the island but as it is now it is only ruins and nature paths. We did see swans with their little ones, turtles, a mink having its dinner, and so many various birds. It is the kind of place that you would go if you want to get back to nature. Unfortunately the island is loosing its shore on the north side to Lake St. Clair and its weather. No protection from the winds and surf so the north walking trail is about 2 metres in knee deep water.

Tomorrow we are on to Lake Huron and getting to Goderich. Hoping for calm waters this time ’round on Lake Huron. Last venture out there was trying to stay ahead of a storm when we were coming home from our Trent Trip.

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