Aug 072014

Thursday August 7, 2014 Beaver Island to Erie, PA
So we are off. I received the call to get ready to take the vacation down Lake Erie. We haven’t planned out the details of the trip but we have been this route before. I really want to stop in Erie at Presque Isle and stay on the hook. Crossing fingers the Captain is “on board” with this idea. As we head out down the Niagara River towards Buffalo, stop for a quick diesel fill up and weather is on our side. Unfortunately it is a northeast wind, which is not normal. The waves and chop will be a bit higher than usual. But we are leaving early for calmer lake travel. Yes, the Captain agrees that Erie will be a great stop.

We pull into Presque Isle Bay and drop anchor. The winds were good but building. That’s okay. They won’t affect us. This bay is sheltered on all sides and its a warm one too. We decide to play and swim for a couple hours. Then take “Low Voltage” out for a tour. What a gorgeous afternoon. Skipping stones, swimming, just enjoying the calm and view. As I start to make dinner and turn on the Generator, she quits. Fault. Scott knows what it is and has a spare part. Impeller is replaced but really, did Scott need this on our first day out? If you followed our blog from a couple years ago you might remember that Erie is the place that he had to take a look at the sensor that we replaced in Sandusky. The part turned out to be a bad part so we limped home from Erie back then. Again, the gen impeller goes in Erie. I’m beginning to wonder about our luck here!!! OMG and the mosquitos at dusk. We had to go inside.

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