Jul 052013

Not much to offer for today.  We have passed some cute little towns along the way that we will stop at on the way home.  The interesting point here is that we mostly met some of the rental boats that travel along the canal for a week stopping here and there.  Cute little houseboats with names like Oneida, Ontoganee, Canadice and many more.  Replicas that have been used to travel this authentic canal route for two centuries.  So for those of you that don’t like to swim, don’t own a boat, love to fish (they only go 5 knots) and spend quality time in various destinations this can be a good vacation idea.

Making it along this stretch of canal is once again a boring adventure, but an adventure non the less.  You know how they say “A bad day is still a good day as long as you are on the boat” applies here.  Passing at least 4 of the rentals, enjoying the history by traveling through the “rock cut”, the most extensive work done on the canal back in the day because it actually cut through the limestone several feet down, passing Spencerport (that is the place where our flag was stolen last year), Pittsford, the Genesee River (Rochester) and making our way to Fairport has been an experience.  Little houses, big houses just before the Town of Fairport announces that you are coming close to a cute town.

Fairport is the hub of the Erie Canal, usually very busy, but rather slow with the canal still being closed from Lock 2 – Lock 22.  We have a nice spot in front of a restaurant, beside the world renowned lift bridge that is higher on one side than it is on the other, and watch as the rain, sun and rainbows dance for us today.  Mother Nature just can’t decide what she is going to bring us today.

We visited a butcher shop for our fresh meats for the next 3 days and also bought some specialty cheese and dressing from a local shop.  Lots of shops here, library, internet is available.  This is a great spot to people watch too.

Tomorrow is another planned day for rain.  So far we haven’t had to lock through in the rain, but we have 6 locks to get through tomorrow.

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