May 302011

So today we leave Liberty.  The hightlight of our trip and the sweetness of knowing we leave the ocean behind us.  I woke up at 6:30 to take a shower and watched a severe lightning thunder shower coming our way.  I had to wake up Scott because I knew I wouldn’t get all the canvas on fast enough.  We watched a magnificant storm through the window with sheet lightning and streak lightning and abundance of rain.  But that too left us within an hour.  Now to prepare our next phase of the journey.

Scott had to upload the charts of the Hudson River into the electronics here on the boat.  That took a bit.  So I got some laundry done, dishes washed, showered, and coffee on, of course.  You can’t escape those duties just because you are on a boat.

We headed on down the Hudson River hoping to make it to Poughkeepsie, about half way up the Hudson to Albany.  Well, we made it to a little place outside of Albany called Coeyman’s Marina.  So that got us a day back from the 2 days we lost on the ocean due to fog.  Great little place.  And it has WiFi. 

The Hudson River was calm and beautiful.  Very hot today but no complaining from us folks.  We love the heat so bring it on tomorrow.  We passed many a mansion, a slew of ships just like those that go through our canal, and a ton of boaters enjoying their Memorial Day off.  We haven’t uploaded those pics yet but they will come.  It’s like being up north but with mountains. 

Aiden is fishing off the stern and it sounds like he almost caught something.  I’m sure a duck will come by and next he’ll be on to feeding him or maybe them. 

Had some of that striped bass Aiden caught while in Cuttyhunk.  It is so good fresh and I still have another meal in the freezer. 

One more thing…………a really Happy Birthday to my Mom who turns 34 today!

Just heard squealing??  I just caught a catfish!!  I’m so not cooking that thing for dinner!!  He caught it with tortellini leftovers!!  Shhhhessshhh!

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