Jun 222017

As we pass through the refuge today the birds are out in full force. We can hear the sounds of osprey, robins and some others that we can’t identify. The area is just so green it seems fake. We continue past the refuge and still, the area is so green. More homes, boats and docks but not as many as in the past. We are able to do a whooping 9.2 mph. There are also 4 locks to get through.

Rounding our trip out today we stop in Newark, NY. This place has everything. Groceries, liquor store, free laundry, restrooms, showers, and even a well deserved haircut for Scott. The town boasts 8900 in population but for what it lacks in people it has in amenities. We also walk up to Sal’s ice cream and deli. At Sal’s, a popular spot for 18 years, you can find guitars, music store items, a deli, great ice cream and sundaes and of course, Sal. We were eating our ice creams and Sal decided to come out and talk to us. “Are you boat people?” Why yes, we are. So he continues that boat people wear sunglasses even if the sun isn’t shining. The girls usually wear sun visors and, boaters don’t have a car. He talks us up a storm about the city and where to go. He told us about some homes not far from his shop that have been around a long time and well kept. So after hearing about the history, the culture and some interesting tidbits of the city we head over to some old time houses. We were not disappointed. Beautiful old homes, kept up well with stunning grounds as well. I said the one house looks like its an Addam’s Family house done up nicely.

After our wandering around the town the laundry is calling. I haven’t done laundry since Shady Harbour so this is a 4 load day. Free laundry sponsored by the Town of Newark. It’s a welcome addition to the usual canal city docks. There is even free wifi. That’s a first. Scott feeds the human friendly fish that follow you when you walk the docks. As night rolled in Scott took some gorgeous photos of the area. This place has it all.

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