Dec 302016

Normally we don’t like marinas.  It’s usually us out there for days on the hook enjoying nature.  What’s happened is its cold.  Way to cold.  So marinas offer everything and entertainment and meeting new people.  It’s been different but having to not run the gen constantly is a welcome advantage.

Today we passed through 4 locks.  The Pickwick, Whitton, Montgomery and the Rankin.  We called ahead to all of them to let them know we would be passing through.  They were very accommodating with only about a 15 minute wait at one and none at a couple others.  Made our long 7.5 hour day move a bit faster.  The winds picked up as we passed from The Tennessee River to the Tennessee=Tombigbee River.  Now on the Tenn-Tom the reality of new frontier awaits.  Heading down the Tenn Tom we notice that it is a summer’s dream.  Lots of cottages and spaces to swim and enjoy those summer days and nights.  It eventually continues into a man made canal section until it meanders back into a river.  The river is shallow with a max depth of around 12 -15 ft deep.  The waterway was made to allow boat traffic to come up from The Gulf and make its way with its wares to various cities along these inland rivers, all the way to Chicago.  It only opened in the 80’s and recreational boaters are very much interested in this part of the inland river system in the USA.  The marinas are saying they had more Great Loopers this year than in years past.

Passing through locks is a task that is so familiar to us but in this chill its a bit different.  Sometimes we were “rained on” by the lock, sometimes the gusty winds churned in the lock and sometimes it is just cold out at 7AM.  We try to be off the boat by no later than 2PM or earlier which is when the winds can kick up.  So now we are tucked in on the end of the dock at Midway Marina in Mississippi.   They shut the water off without telling us because it is supposed to get into the 30’s after 2 AM..  It’s 6:00PM and even after I called to ask about water they didn’t turn it on.  I now have a sink full of dinner dishes  with some water in the tank but we would have filled up more.  Wifi is terrible and guaranteed you will rock if there is any wind or wake from a tow.  So between these several issues we are not happy.

Scott is looking at the engines doing a once over and checking fluid levels.  Aiden is doing homework on the wifi.  I think it will be an early night as we try to push on as far as possible tomorrow.  Still have several locks to get through until Mobile, AL.

Isn’t this just great.  The heat pump relay just went.  Now he’s in the engine compartment rigging up something so we have heat.  Good thing we have back up with 3 marine heaters just in case.  Note to self if ever you boat in the mid south in December to bring, mitts, toques, scarves, parkas, heater back up, blankets, extension cords, slippers, and of course your sense of humour.


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