Jul 052013

Not much to offer for today.  We have passed some cute little towns along the way that we will stop at on the way home.  The interesting point here is that we mostly met some of the rental boats that travel along the canal for a week stopping here and there.  Cute little houseboats with names like Oneida, Ontoganee, Canadice and many more.  Replicas that have been used to travel this authentic canal route for two centuries.  So for those of you that don’t like to swim, don’t own a boat, love to fish (they only go 5 knots) and spend quality time in various destinations this can be a good vacation idea.

Making it along this stretch of canal is once again a boring adventure, but an adventure non the less.  You know how they say “A bad day is still a good day as long as you are on the boat” applies here.  Passing at least 4 of the rentals, enjoying the history by traveling through the “rock cut”, the most extensive work done on the canal back in the day because it actually cut through the limestone several feet down, passing Spencerport (that is the place where our flag was stolen last year), Pittsford, the Genesee River (Rochester) and making our way to Fairport has been an experience.  Little houses, big houses just before the Town of Fairport announces that you are coming close to a cute town.

Fairport is the hub of the Erie Canal, usually very busy, but rather slow with the canal still being closed from Lock 2 – Lock 22.  We have a nice spot in front of a restaurant, beside the world renowned lift bridge that is higher on one side than it is on the other, and watch as the rain, sun and rainbows dance for us today.  Mother Nature just can’t decide what she is going to bring us today.

We visited a butcher shop for our fresh meats for the next 3 days and also bought some specialty cheese and dressing from a local shop.  Lots of shops here, library, internet is available.  This is a great spot to people watch too.

Tomorrow is another planned day for rain.  So far we haven’t had to lock through in the rain, but we have 6 locks to get through tomorrow.

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Jul 042013

Man Overboard!!!  Literally!!!

We started our day with locking down in Lockport through Locks 35 and 34.  Lock 35 was uneventful with me on the bow and Scott and Aiden on the stern.  Lock 34 was perfect.  Aiden now on the stern, Scott in the Captain’s chair and me on the bow seemed like it would go more smoothly than usual.  Well, until I see Scott race out the back, Aiden’s pole in the water and much to my surprise and very scared, soaking wet Aiden on the back of the boat.  Apparently the pole got stuck around the lines that are supplied by the canal system.  Aiden didn’t let go of the pole until he realized he was going in.  Scott sprang to action by pulling down the swim ladder and Aiden had already swam to the back of the boat for stability.  I, on the other hand, just started to laugh.  Laugh, very hard.  I think Aiden will remember this particular lock for a long, long time.

Traveling down the Erie Canal we pass several little towns.  Gasport, known to have had gas discovered in the mid 1850’s and thusly named, Middleport, Medina (a great place to investigate), Knowlesville, Albion (great place to stop and investigate), Holley (with its gazebo and small town atmosphere it would be a great place to investigate), and finally our destination Brockport.  Brockport is a cute town, with its small downtown shops, great stopping place at the terminal wall, lots of restaurants and apparently 4th of July fireworks.  But, they decided to hold them on the 3rd of July.  Who does that?  So here we sit on the biggest American holiday there is and find out that we missed the big display by one night.  Disappointed.  You betcha.  And it has started to rain.

So once again traveling east on this portion of the canal is boring.  Very boring, but still all you can do is make the best of it and enjoy the scenery and, of course, the company.

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Jul 032013

Planning this trip was so much easier than I thought it would be.  After traveling a lot last year this small trip to the Finger Lakes Region is a breeze.  Except I brought too many clothes.  Do I pack for cool days, rainy days, warm and hot days?  Is the canal closed due to flooding?  These are new questions that I didn’t have to consider last year.  Oh well, we are on vacation so no need to worry.  Just be happy!

After a day at work Scott met Aiden and I in Tonawanda Gateway Park.  Scott has been staying on the boat more frequently mainly because the water levels are high at home, the water at home is disgustingly silty so it tracks in mud and the proximity to his work is just too convenient.  Groceries and supplies already packed we are off.  Traveling down the Erie Canal to Lockport, New York isn’t the most picturesque but we did have some pleasant surprises waiting for us.  With all this rainfall we see many a waterfall from runoff along the way.  Sure it seems insignificant but when you travel this route it is pretty darn boring so the simplest of surprises gets a big woohoo.

While mooring in Lockport we had plenty of time to investigate our surroundings again.  The cave tours are still operating, the tourist centre is closed but we made up for that by having an ice cream.  If you get a chance Lockport can be a bit of a history tour back about 200 years.  The original set of 5 flight locks are still there but have been replaced by 2 new ones.  The cave tour and old buildings still visible and the old downtown area are always worth seeing.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we cruise down the canal further hoping to find a place where we can watch 4th of July fireworks.  Of course more rain is in the forecast too!


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