Jun 032011

We got up with a planned day with “the boys” again in order to push through to a place near Oneida Lake.  We have heard steady winds of 28 mph with gusts of 38 mph on the lake.  I don’t think we’ll be heading over that lake today. 

Several more locks, 6 more actually.  My hands are about done.  The fingertips no longer have any prints left on them and the fingers are getting a bit sore.  In order to get through the locks you have to hold onto ropes that are suspended from the top of each lock but do not fasten at the bottom of the lock.  So you have to pull the boat in.  Today it was tremendously windy.  Not only was I using the cleats on the boat for leverage but holding on and pushing with a poker to keep the fenders boards off the wall a bit.  Scott hit the wall hard with a huge wind gust but knew he was going to hit so managed to hit just the fenders.  Thank goodness we didn’t scimp on those little buggers.  They have saved thousands in gel coat repair costs. 

We did make it to the east side of Oneida Lake.  The lake was extremely rough with 6 ft waves, maybe higher so we stayed the night at a little place called Mariner’s Landing.  They accommodated several strays boats with ease, generosity and hospitality.  Even shutting down their fuel dock to accommodate us.   Louie you are the best!!!  I’m going to have to send him a thank you for this one! 

Scott and Aiden went to play at Sylan Beach where there was a antique car show.  There is an amusement park but it has not opened for the season.  I asked for a bit of groceries too and at that point Aiden was thrilled to get his ice cream cone.  There was a beach volleyball tournament going on as well.  If you have every played beach volleyball you will know how difficult it is to play when it is calm weather let alone when the winds are extreme.  I think it was more of an attempt at playing beach.  We turned in early to get ready for the next day.

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Jun 022011

Today we decided to push 10 1/2 hours.  Very long day, 10 locks….No one told me that I should have been weight training before this trip.  Especially my hands. 

Well we made it to a place called Little Falls, NY.  Nice place and recommend it to everyone.  Weather was good and Scott has handled the boat with ease like he’s been doing this for years. 

We have met up with a group of 4 guys from Rochester and Boston area and a couple from Ottawa.  We traveled together all day.  The couple were on their way home from picking up their boat in Florida and bringing it home on their 2 week vacation.  They are on week 4.  Turns out he is an aeronautical engineer.  The group of guys are a bunch of fun.  One is a lawyer, 2 engineers and a cabinet maker.  Great mix of personalities while chatting away in the locks. 

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