Aug 162012

Open waters from here on in on Lake Erie.  Boring!!!!

A storm is expected, a big one!!!!!!!  The engine is fixed and purring again.  Have I mentioned that I think Scott is amazing!!!!!  Diagnosis and repair all done and heading out on down the Lake Erie coast.

A bit of a chop but nothing big.  It is a hot one though and we didn’t realize it until we stopped at the Geneva State Park Marina.  Great place with camping, hotel, pool,restaurant, trails, forests, or anything your heart desires .  Even Internet, that Cedar Point had but was so scaled back it was useless.  Great place for the RV too.

Aiden is back working on his RC car, we went for some quick groceries, and now I sit with a glass of wine in hand contemplating our 2 remaining days.

Storm went south!  Our luck just keeps getting better!


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