Aug 102012

Still here.  Gale force winds on Lake Huron doesn’t make for a good travel day.  White caps in the Harbour makes for a good laundry, fixing things day.

Aiden got started on making his RC car that has to be built from scratch.  I did the overdue laundry detail.  Scott took some time looking for the port electrical problem only to find the problem is under the stairs.  The walls and stairs will have to be taken out to fix the wire.  So that job will wait.  Scott did come up with  a bypass so that we have power to the necessities on that side of the boat, like the Xbox (which has only been turned on twice in one month).

We hear the Chi Cheemaun Ferry coming in every 3 – 4 hours.  The cars are lining up for the next ferry before she has even left port. Even the site seeing tours to FlowerPot Island and diving to the  ship wrecks has been cancelled due to the storm.

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