Aug 082012

We knew that there would be waves today with a storm coming in.  I love Gravol.  Two metre waves for almost 2 1/2 hours was just about all I could take.  However before we headed out on open waters we headed on up the small craft channel north that is taken to go to the North Channel.  We are not visiting the North Channel this time but the small craft channel is gorgeous too.  We had more traffic here than in most places.  Small channel at times and Scott had to keep his spatial ability at top notch to manoever around the islands. All 30,000 of them.

We stopped at Henry’s for lunch.  Henry’s is a restaurant on an island that caters to boats and planes only.  They serve fresh water fish meals with a bit of land lovers too.  Lots of dockage and helping hands to help you get docked.  Worth the stop.  A bit pricey but, hey, it’s a novelty right and not everyone can say they have been there.  In fact Henry’s is on Frying Pan Island and is classified as an airport.  We saw three planes land and take off in the couple hours we were there.  There is also overnight dockage with some power.

Then it  was all open waters across Georgian Bay to Tobermory.  The wave heights were not too bad until we had to stop.  That’s when we realized they were about 2+ meters in height.  Water was coming in the open window so we had to get the covers on while driving and rocking.  Once that was done it wasn’t too bad once up to speed again.  The payoff was the edge of the escarpment, with its towering heights, beautiful rock formations and turquoise waters like you see in the Caribbean.  Just east of the Harbour of Tobermory is stunning beauty only viewable from the water.  I would say that it is quite spectacular.

After getting topped up on diesel we were informed that the only spot left was on the pier.  It has hydro and we can watch all the boats pass by and everyone getting ready for the various cruises and the ferry, Chichimon.  We went for a walk into town to check things out.  Delicious coffee and hot chocolate can be found at the local bakery.

We checked weather and it isn’t looking good.  Deciding to check on the progress of a weather front in the morning, before making some decisions on travel, we head off to bed.

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