Aug 122012

What a great day !!!!  We had significant weather today with highs of 30’s, clear skies and great winds.  We left this morning at around 10:30 to miss the shut down of the power sport boat races on the St Clair River and headed off to Gull Island.  It is an island just after the St Clair River meets St Clair Lke that has turquoise waters and tons of shallow sand around it.  We swam in the crystal clear water and the boys circumvented the island.  Aiden is proud of his rock finds and Scott watched really well played volleyball.  I was happy to stay on a lawn chair on the back of the boat for awhile until the beach called.  Then it was my turn to watch the volleyball.  We stayed all afternoon and then headed off to Detroit across Lake St Clair.  We are now staying at a marina on the Detroit River that was recommended from the crew we met last night in Sarnia.  What a different way of boating than on the Trent.  I miss the solitude and peacefulness of simplicity.  I guess reality is just around the corner!

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