Aug 062012

For those that love ingenuity and engineering this is the coolest endeavor yet on the Trent.   The marine railway lifts boats out of the water on a rail like car and takes them over the embankment to the other side.  There is a visitor center here, lots of blue line space and lots of history to look at.  We arrived before noon and the boats just kept on coming.  It may be due to the locals and cottagers and this being a long weekend but we watched boat after boat loads of  loads on that railway.  Great to sit in the afternoon and people watch or should I say boat watch.

It was a short cruise here from Swift Rapids.  Scott did get his video and is planning on one through Big Chute as well. The beauty of this place is overwhelming.  I love, love the little town of Severn Falls.  I want to rent a cottage there next year.  Maybe we can bring the boat again, LoL.

Aiden met a little girl here and they swam almost all afternoon.  I have her dad sold on Norwex cloths too.  I use mine on the boat windows all the time.  Gotta get some more of them and bring them on board and sell from here.

I was quickly reminded just now that I forgot to mention something yesterday.  Aiden and Scott found an albino grasshopper while on their walk.  That is big news.  Have you ever seen one?

This being our last day on the Trent is  the end of a journey.  Tomorrow we lock through on the railway and go down one more small lock to Georgian Bay.

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