Aug 072012

No more locks!  We have completed the Trent Severn Waterway. As we passed through Big Chute today on the marine railway it was a cathartic moment.  One more lock on this journey that both of us have thought about over the years.  We wondered why we never did it before even in the 20ftr’s.  It would have been so much easier back then or would it?  With expectations of what Georgian Bay would bring and reminiscing about the last 10 days we made it through the last few km to Port Severn.  Every lock has a personality all to its own.  This one is small in size but not depth.   Once again as we passed other boats going downbound  and entering their first lock, us our last, it was still such a thrill.  Can’t wait to do this waterway again.

Entering Georgian Bay was through a narrow channel through open waters.  Weaving and winding all over  the place through those never forgiving red and green markers or buoys that have been our road map from the very start.  Scott never missing a beat and going between them km after km.  It is still beautiful here no matter which way you look on these open waters.

Our journey from here on is mainly marinas and open water on the lakes.  Today we will be holding up in a childhood vacation spot for my family and I.  We saw the old spot with memories of dad building the added room.  The shed is still there.  Hearing the names of islands and places that I visited and passing along those memories to Aiden.  I’m pretty sure he was bored.  Honey Harbour isn’t the same but neither am I.  The water is at least 4 ft lower, the old docks replace by larger, newer ones, the boats seem larger but on the good side the grocery and ice cream store is still the same.  No where else can you find ice cream, fishing worms, a deli counter, gravol and crazy glue in one spot.

Tomorrow we are headed out on the open waters to Tobermory.  Weather is not looking good for at least 2 days after that when we are headed down Lake Huron.  We may be held up for a couple days.  

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