Aug 132012

This morning was the morning of chores.  No excitement folks.  Scott drained the fuel filters and he managed to get the guy that makes canvas here at the marina as well.  New window today for the replacement of the one I lost on Rice Lake.  He decided to have the starboard side panel done as well as it is ripping and not sized for this boat.  He thinks it was one that was taken off another boat when we bought it to make it look good.  Nothing lines up properly and the zipper is going.  I did a couple loads of laundry and then it was off to the heated salt water pool available here at Kean’s Marina in Detroit.  Aiden and I spent a couple hours here just kicking back and playing catch.

Just waiting on that canvas to make the 2 hour trek to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.  We are on our way at 4:00.  Passing by Detroit and Windsor, which looks so different by water, has it’s own beauty.  Detroit River offered many surprises.  Who knew there was so many steel along its route.  We passed more commercial ships than anywhere on our journey while traveling down the river.  The casino in Windsor certainly made a statement as did GM Headquarters in Detroit.

Now we are in the marina at Cedar Point at dusk watching the lights and waiting for the fireworks.  Great ending to an amazing journey.  Only 3 – 4 days left.

Sorry folks no pics today.  Upload speed is too slow for loading on the website.  We’ll post pics another day when the Internet is stronger.

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