Aug 012012

After the day of rain yesterday today was a welcome reprieve of breezes and warm temps.  We have decided to head to Buckhorn and stay on the wall.  Our books say the best place to stay is topside of the lock but now that we are here the bottom is the place to be.  The books seem to favor the city side rather than the solitude side of the locks.  Oh well, we’ll know for next time.  Today C spent the afternoon and most of the evening fishing.  He has hooked a couple big ones, trees that is.  His biggest catch of the day was finding a louwer.  His perseverance paid off after finding the louwer and He was rewarded with a small pickerel that the boys decided to keep for  lunch tomorrow.  Scott showed the boys how to clean and prepare fish.  Thrilled they are.  Now that we are here on the wall the boys are again fishing for that illustrious big one in a no fishing zone at that.


Buckhorn is a very busy lock with cottagers coming and going throughout the day.  I personally don’t like it much.  Hard to swim here, no fishing rules, busy streets and too many people.  We won’t do this again.

The hardware store was able to supply us with one engine’s oil for the change that Scott has to do.  That was a bit of a relief.

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