Aug 052012

Rain, wind and waves is the sum of today.  The rain started and stopped and started again just as things dried out. Twice!  We stopped at the gov’t dock in downtown Orillia to pick up much needed groceries.  Really great place for a port. Then we passed through Lake Couchiching in the rain and then entered what we think is the most beautiful part of this journey.  Rock cliffs of granite, evergreen trees and black clear waters.  What more could you want?

The winds at the Couchiching lock weren’t too bad  and the rain had just stopped so it was  quite uneventful.  It is a beautiful lock that will have to be discovered further on another journey.  Our goal was to make it to Swift Rapids where a 47′ lock awaits us.  The newest of the locks that replaced a marine railway in 1965.  We sit in the wind at the top of the lock waiting for better weather tomorrow.  Scott wants to do a video going down this lock.

The pictures that are on this site do not do this portion of the Trent justice.  It brings me back to those cottage weeks with my parents those many years ago.  Yes, they made an impression on me even at those young ages.

The boys went exploring looking for Massassauga rattle snakes.  Boys will be boys.  I reminded them that we are in the middle of no where but that didn’t seem to deter them from the find. We have our morning swim location scoped out already.  On the other side of the dam is a beautiful rocky cliff area that is calling for attention. Until then salmon needs to be cooked and a bottle of Quebec wine is airing.

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