Jun 062022

Only 1 looper left the docks before us today. With over 30 Loopers at this marina there will be several who are looking forward to the Pig Roast at Donovan’s Shady Harbor scheduled this coming weekend. We will not be going as we will be on the Erie Canal already heading toward home

This part of the Hudson River has some of the most beautiful scenery. Again the mountains of the Peekskills pop their rounded peaks out to the sky with the green foliage spotted around the rock face of the sheer faces of the mountains. The combination of the natural colours adds to the smell of the fresh water we now have as we leave the salt for the last time. Heading up the Hudson transfers from salt to brackish, a combination of fresh and salt waters and then to complete fresh as the tributaries and watershed add the waters to the river. I can’t wait to wash the boat tomorrow. She will get a good scrub before heading into the murky waters of the Erie Canal. I want as much salt off her as possible before we head into the locks.

Rondout Yacht Basin is on the Rondout River. It has long floating docks for a side tie and we choose the starboard for the night. It is a short dingy ride to town. A small town with some restaurants where the Ole Savannah Restaurant has free docking for your meal. No power or water. We really needed to slow down to get stuff done so this would not work at this time. We do highly recommend this place though. The town has a wood building workshop, museum and the locals are super friendly.

We will be here for a couple nights because we did find pickleball but also because there is too much we have to do before we leave the USA. We need to research and order parts, catch up on bills and just do adult stuff that we have been neglecting due to the amount of miles we have been traveling.

We take a walk into town and a fellow boater sees Scott’s General Motors Springhill shirt. They start chatting and come to find out that the fellow was the head of the project Scott did while in Springhill for those 2 years. Small world.

I ordered grocery delivery from Walmart which is so convenient.