Jun 042022

On our last open ocean voyage we are heading into the Sandy Hook area of New Jersey. Our friends from Sunset Delight whom we met in Marathon, FL live here. They suggested coming into Atlantic Highlands for a stop and a different view of New York City. Thank goodness the journey was another light wind day. How did we ever get so lucky to have had such calm winds from Portsmouth, VI? Since we started this entire journey has been dictated by the unpredictable winds, changing plans and aborting some of our journey. We welcome the stable air but it seems odd given the weather has been all over the map for months.

We settle in and find a pickleball court at the marina. Too bad they are so bad that the rubber asphalt stops the ball from bouncing properly. These courts will never be used for pickleball. Tennis, maybe but not pickleball. The ball barely bounces properly. Too bad because they look new and well taken care of but they were constructed wrong.

So we join up with Sunset Delight crew, Evelyn and Clark, and head out to dinner at the marina restaurant. It is an outdoor venue with a great menu. Scott had the salmon and I had an amazing burger. It is always such a great experience meeting up with loopers later on in your journey. New friends that become old friends in such a short time. After dinner the four of us went for a walk in the downtown area and then a nature walk in the highlands. It would be bike ride for another time. As we said so long to Evelyn and Clark we headed back to the boat to prepare for the next part of our journey. We will meet the Statue of Liberty and cross our wake ending our gold loop and becoming a platinum looper.