Jun 032022

Atlantic City here we come. The winds are still so reasonable. We head out at our usual time of 7:30 am and start the 50 mile trek to Atlantic City. We do have reservations at the Golden Nugget Marina. The marina is onsite at the casino. The cruise is an uneventful day with 1 foot waves and swells low about 8 seconds apart. Scott kicks the engines up for a short time to give them a good run. We pass the folks that left at daybreak. Almost Home, Cat Bottomed Girl, and a couple others started their journey at least an hour before us.

Cruising along the Jersey shore we see lots of folks starting the day on the beaches. Stretches of glorious, sandy beach dot this shore. There are lots of mega houses as well. With the winds so low, as the day progresses, we do see more and more folks out enjoying the spring sunshine.

About an hour outside AC the winds begin to pick up and we do have some chop. The chop becomes abut 2 foot seas and the swells continue. Approaching the harbour of AC we are tossed around a bit but only for a short duration. The harbour is calm again and we find our slip at Farley State Marina at the site of the Golden Nugget. There are a bunch of Loopers already here and we chat with several. They say to use the pool and the 5 hot tubs on the 6th floor of the Casino. After settling in we head up to the pool and enjoy doing some laps and meeting Into the Mystic, another Looper.

Dinner is on boat and then out for the nightlife that has music blasting the marina. It’s all great. We wander around the Golden Nugget and take night photos of the marina and skyline. We did partake in some gelato from the casino.

As it turns out a boat once owned by Johnny Depp and AK Rowling is here. We noticed it immediately when we came in as it is very different than your average mega yacht. When Johnny owned it he spent $7 mill in renos. AK Rowling owned it for a brief period of 8 months then sold it to the current owner. It has a value of $20 mil. She is a stunningly beautiful yacht made to look like an old ship. Well done woodworking along the entire length of the ship for the guest areas and a pirate plank out front with esquisite hand carved woodwork in the freeboard. She is a beauty.