Apr 282022

The easterly winds have picked up as we move out of our slip at the Yacht Club. It was an easy entrance and slip to get out off as Scott placed the bow out when we came in so now we just cruise out. Thank goodness. These easterlies just don’t let up.

We were supposed to stay 2 nights at the yacht club but they overbooked. So we found a place a bit north for another night. The anchorages in this area are tough for our size boat as we need so much swing room and old sunken derilicts are taking up a lot of prime anchorage space. You don’t see them until you are almost on top of them. So when it is tight we just go to a marina here in Florida.

It is another day of meandering rivers with homes along the shores with beautiful scenic marshes. A well marked channel and at least 10 feet or more is welcomed by the captain as we make our way to Palm Coast.

This marina is a gated community with a resort atmosphere. A restaurant, pool, resort, tennis, but no pickleball, and lovely grounds is a welcome sight for a tired cruiser. This area is less traveled and not much is around here. The main A1A is outside the gates. So we opt for an early evening and prepare the journey for tomorrow to St. Augustine.

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