Apr 272022

Getting up a bit later than usual we know we are moving north to Daytona. Scott is able to find a Yacht Club that has 4 pickleball courts on its grounds. We haven’t played in a couple days so we are fixing for a game.

Going to Daytona from the south has a lot of speed zones. We usually run about 9 knots or so with a current push if the tides are in our favour. Homes are adjacent to the water’s edge so there is reason to make less wake. With all the pristine lands around the manatees are moving further north at this time of the year so wake zones and a slow pace are in order. It’s an easy passage and we enjoy this part of Florida with its well marked channels and not too much traffic.

The Halifax River Yacht Club has a pool, restaurant, bar, pickleball courts, learn to sail program, a boater’s lounge and ferel cats. Yes, there are kitties. I get my fix of cat cuddles after the alpha male accepts me. Ridley, Catalina, Grayson, Thomas, and two more that wouldn’t come around me all call this boater’s lounge home. One of the members, Frankie, takes care of them. They are drop offs from unwarranted owners. In the long run this is a better home for them. The grounds are beautiful, they are fed daily, have a safe place to run, away from traffic, are neutered or spayed, have check ups and regular flea meds, and get love when they want it. The members take pride in their presence but Frankie and her husband, Scott, have captured the hearts of these little furs.

The firemen are playing pickleball so we head over and get in on some games. Mostly they only play themselves but us new folks give them a good few games. It is a great afternoon of fire and water!

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