Apr 262022

A really nice night on the hook. The winds died down for awhile. Heading north today to Titusville, Florida the home of Cape Canaveral. The trip north is pristine with natural rivers meandering through small towns. There are a lot of boathouses, decks, homes along the shoreline on one side and swamp on the other. The bugs are starting to make appearances as more fresh water is available. Hornets, butterfies, moths and some pesky black beetle bugs visit us regularly.

Not much to write about with this journey as the landscape looks so similar. We arrive in the afternoon to an anchorage about 3 miles away from the launch. Space X is sending Falcon 9 to the ISS with 4 astronauts. It is their second manned flight. The launch is still expected to go off on schedule at 4:00 AM so we set our alarms and look forward to the history making launch.

3:30 AM BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. It’s time for the launch. Scott sets up the IPad with Space TV and we take in the preshow showing the command centre and the countdown of checklists in the final few minutes prior to launch. We are so close to it that the lights from the launch pad are shining on the water in the anchorage. There are 4 boats here taking in the flight. We expected far more but it is 4 AM afterall.

3,2,1, blast off……as always the light show from the engines light up on the ground and propel the spaceship higher and higher. Then comes the sound of the thrusters, engines and all the night is lit up with the rocket blast. It climbs higher and higher into the sky as we watch til we cannot see it anymore. We watch to see if we are able to see the booster coming back to earth on a remote controlled barge in the Atlantic Ocean. We are not able to see it at all. However on the Space TV network we are able to see that the booster landed perfectly on the barge. Literally in the centre of the X on the barge. That is amazing! With no more to see we wander back to bed and sleep the rest of the night away.

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